Where To Get Space Planning, Color Consulting, And More In Stow, MA

From space planning to color consulting, The Reflective Designer is the best interior design company in Stow (MA), Phoenix (AZ), and the surrounding areas. If you have an interior design project on your wishlist, there’s no better team to help you turn your vision into reality. Whether you’re designing a kitchen, a bathroom, a basement, or otherwise, we’re here to ensure that your new room is exactly what you imagined.

Curious about our available services? Here’s a short, sweet introduction to what we have to offer.

Space Planning

Before you actually start your grand redesign plan, the first step is actually planning, of course! The Reflective Designer team is more than decorators; we’re experts at preparing the space itself for exactly what you want to put into it. Sometimes that means moving an interior wall or redefining a roof-line. Whatever the specifics might be, we spot potential areas of improvement before we ever move furniture or decor into the space.

Color Consultation

Of all the services we offer at The Reflective Designer, color consultation is arguably our specialty—and our favorite. Our team has an artistic eye and keen sense of style for determining which colors really pop in a particular space, whether you’re aiming for a bright game room or an understated study. In addition, we expertly choose secondary colors to complement your main color scheme. This ensures cohesiveness in every room we renovate.

Furniture Selection

Once your space is ready for renovation and your color scheme selected, there’s only one thing left to do: furniture selection. If you’ve ever spent time in a furniture store (or scrolling through an equivalent website,) you know how overwhelming the sheer number of options can become. That’s where The Reflective Designer comes in!

Our professionals clearly determine what aesthetic you’re aiming for, as well as how best to achieve that goal in the given space with the chosen colors. Even if you ultimately decide to combine pieces from multiple different sets or even manufacturers, we’ll ensure that everything looks like it arrived in a coordinated collection. When all is said and done, anyone walking into your new room will assume it was always meant to look this way—and it looks amazing!

Customer Testimonials

If you’re still not convinced, consider some of the feedback we’ve received from previous customers. “From our initial meeting up to and including final inspection, it was very evident that you have a passion for providing the very best product and customer service in the most professional and caring manner,” Steve W. says.

Diane agrees, “In this day and age, it is so refreshing to meet two people who really care about customer service.”

Finally, Mary D. adds, “Many options were available, and the designer was very helpful in assisting us with making a choice that would work with our room and our style.”

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