Upgrade Your Home with the Perfect Furniture Selection

If there's one thing that 2020 taught many of us, it's that we simply don't love our homes quite as much as we might have thought. We all spent substantially more time at home due to COVID-19, and in that time, you might have started to notice inadequacies in how you use your interior space, or maybe you've just grown tired of looking at the same surroundings day in and day out.

If you're looking to rejuvenate your home but don't want to spend a fortune on an expensive renovation project, then one more economical option is to upgrade your furniture. This can improve your interior spaces' functionality and give your home an entirely new look and feel, and with these helpful furniture selection tips, you'll get the most out of your upcoming investment.

Professional furniture selection insights from The Reflective Designer.

Always start with a realistic budget.

The only thing worse than falling in love with a beautiful piece of furniture that you can't afford is overspending on your new pieces and ruining your financial planning. That's why the first step in your furniture selection process should always be making a budget of what you'll allow yourself to spend on the upgrades. This helps guide your search and prevents you from getting attached to pieces that fall outside of that budget.

However, keep in mind that cheaper doesn't always mean better. Less expensive furniture typically wears down quicker and requires more frequent replacements, which affects long term costs, so try to budget for higher-quality pieces that will last longer.

Seek out inspirational ideas.

Furniture selection shouldn't be an impulse decision. Instead, it needs to be carefully planned and meticulously thought out to ensure that each piece complements the other to create a unified aesthetic. So before heading to any stores or starting to window shop, seek out resources that can offer helpful thought starters.

Social media sites such as Instagram or Pinterest are great places to start, or you can always reach out to the professional interior designers and curators at The Reflective Designer. This is what we do for a living, so we can help you find the perfect balance between form and function.

Never overlook functionality in your furniture selection process.

We understand that part of the reason for upgrading your furniture is to update your home's appearance and bolster the interior design, but you should never sacrifice the functionality of your living spaces for style alone. We offer space planning services that evaluate how much usable space you have in each room, and we can make suggestions on what type of pieces would be best suited for your home.

Your current lifestyle also factors into the furniture selection process. A beautiful glass coffee table with sharp edges might be suitable for a bachelor's pad but not for a home with young children in it, and if you have limited space in the house, it might be better to opt for furniture that doubles as storage.

Need help finding the perfect furniture to update your home?

Then reach out to the team here at The Reflective Designer. We've been providing our interior design and curation services to homeowners throughout the Boston and Phoenix areas for more than four decades. We have the experience and knowledge needed to help you find pieces that are both highly functional and work together to create a seamless design style.

It's not just our attention to detail that benefits our clients, though. In the 40+ years we've been in business, we've built valuable professional relationships that allow us to match you with the best furniture at the best prices. Check out our gallery for inspiring ideas, or send us a message to schedule your initial consultation.