The Most Stunning Designer Furniture You Need In Your Home According to interior designers

Let’s talk about scene-setting. The interior designers at the Reflective Designer believe each room in your home has a different part to play in your everyday living. The finishes – think wall treatments, floors, ceilings, doors, windows – form the backdrop. These decorative elements are fixed but non-structural, and they provide the stage that allows the story to unfold.

From here, your chosen design aesthetic really starts to present itself and the character of your home is established. 

In any given room, the furniture is usually the most overtly visible element. With that in mind, our interior designers have put their heads together and are here to discuss the coming furniture trends for 2020, and to provide you with some inspiration on how to set the scene in your house.

Natural materials

2019 saw us dig out the lovely, light, natural materials that were prominent in the 70s and we are more than pleased to say that this trend is here to stay in 2020. Wicker and rattan are back again but are reinventing themselves in new and modern ways. Frequently appearing together with cane, we’re seeing rounded edges and upholstered furniture indicative of French modern design. The natural fibers provide a calming palette and will work with any color scheme you may already be set on.

Grandmother chic 

Now, we bet you never thought you’d be hunting down furniture items that hit the ‘Granny Chic’ brief. We’re starting to see a lot of interior designers playing with a mix of modern and classic elements, and the pairing is pretty wonderful. It’s amazing how one authentic piece of antique furniture can change the entire mood of a room but can also sit itself comfortably amidst a pared-back, contemporary environment. Too many items and the room starts to feel clunky, but one or two well-chosen pieces can sit as a focal point in a modern setting. We’re talking an occasional chair or a sturdy chest of drawers with traditional lines and moments of intricate detailing that give these pieces their natural charm.

Art Deco 

It’s all about throwing it back in interior design today. Celebrating bygone design periods but in new and exciting ways. Another theme our interior designers are discussing is the reemergence of Art Deco. We’re particularly seeing this shine through in the lighting department with items such as the sputnik pendant lights. These stunning statement pieces are going to transform any living or dining room and add instant glamour to your home.

Statement lounge 

Lastly, and perhaps one that could go hand in hand with the glamour we’ve discussed already, is the colored statement lounge. The Reflective Designer loves and respects a neutral palette but equally, we will jump at the chance to work with color and always love helping to introduce some vibrancy into a design space. Make it velvet, make it linen, be it a chaise longue or a curved, quilted two-seater – whatever you choose, make it the hero.

Your furniture selection is where your design aesthetic really comes to life. Whether you’d like to adhere to a specific style or you’re feeling a little daring and might like to think about mixing and matching, our team of interior designers is here to make your ideas a reality. The Reflective Designer prides itself on creating both practical and stylish spaces that you will love living and working in for years to come.