From Interior Designers: Checklist for Redoing Your Home for Summer

We hope you won’t let this summer pass without revamping your interior to embrace and enjoy it in brand new ways.

Just to make sure, the interior designers here at Reflective Design are sharing this checklist as a friendly nudge.

And if you already see that summer is a unique and can’t-miss time of year to breathe new life into your space, you won’t want to overlook any of the tips we’re sharing today.

Why summer?

No time of year comes with the fresh vibes, energy, and air of possibility we adore about summer.

And if you plan to keep these upgrades as seasons change, what better time to see if they’re right than when there’s so much light?

The colors of your countertops and cabinetry can be deceiving with less natural light, to give an example. But in summer, you can really tell if the space is as you want it.

#1. Put together a budget

It’s the least fun part about a summer home redo, but it’s necessary.

List all the purchases you’ll need to make. So, things like new furniture, embellishments, paint, and anything you think could add to the expenses.

As our interior designers at Reflective Designer like to say, transformation can happen at any budget.

But remember that recycling is definitely an option. And if you go over-budget, split list items into must-haves and nice-to-haves. That will make it easier to prioritize what to buy later.

#2. Decide what you’ll do about more natural light

Some want as much of it as summer can give. Some can only take so much. That’s natural light; it’s an opinion divider.

But there are choices for however you feel about it.

Just can’t get enough? Then invite it all in with roller blinds. And take advantage of how natural light interacts with your space with reflective elements that echo your home’s style. Try a nautical mirror for a start.

If you want to keep light out, maybe to protect your furnishings, consider drapes. Outside mounts, especially when they’re a few inches larger than the window on all sides, can help here too.

And when we’re talking about the added light, we definitely can’t forget about color. Balance it out with a muted palette, perhaps relaxing greys or cool blues and pinks. Or enhance it with pure, stylish white or pastel hues.

Although it’s a time to get creative and play around with light and colors, it’s worth saying that getting the right, cohesive effect is far from a walk in the park.

Interior designers’ knowledge of advanced color theory, the effect of color on human psychology, and the latest trends is sure to help you tie it all together perfectly.

#3. Think about how you’ll capture the summer mood

With summer comes new energy and a new chance to reinvent the feel of your space. And this also happens to the best season for giving your home multisensory charm.

Plants love summer and they’ll flourish, so get a few in to introduce your desired aroma. If you like, enhance it with candles and by adding scents that match your space’s personality to your air conditioning.

Summer nights also have a character of their own, so be sure to think about those too. Lanterns, of course, are the natural option for creating a laid-back ambiance that still manages to channel summer’s energy and subtle playfulness.

Make your home livelier for summer with help from interior designers

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