How a Color Consultation Will Have Your Living Room Looking Bigger and Brighter

A small space doesn’t have to feel small. Through thoughtful interior design and expert attention to wall colors, furniture design, and natural light, your small space can instantly feel larger than it is. The team of experienced designers at The Reflective Designer, are well-versed in what paints and colors can add the illusion of space, and are happy to lend their expertise.

If you’re struggling to pick a paint color, or perhaps want an easy way to instantly create depth and openness in your living room, check out the below tips on how to get started. Our Boston and Phoenix-based designers are also standing by to assist with one of our most popular services: a color consultation.

Make your room feel larger through color

Bright walls add depth

When dealing with smaller spaces, it is recommended to stick to lighter hues such as whites, beiges, and grays, as these colors can open up a room and give off the illusion of space. Matching your furniture with a similarly neutral color palette will also make the room feel larger and less cluttered.

A feature wall draws the eye

Just because your space is on the smaller side, doesn’t mean you have to forego color. Often our clients find adding a feature wall helps draw the eye and makes the room feel larger and adds a pop of personality. By picking a wall to focus on, a feature wall (also called an accent wall) will draw the eye and can make a smaller space feel larger and more welcoming.

Feature walls can include everything from fun, energizing wallpapers to darker, warmer shades of paint.

Trim color elongates a room

Not ready to commit to painting the whole room? A quick fix to add some depth and elongate a smaller room is to paint the trim. The trim includes the molding or millwork that frames the windows, floors, ceilings or doors. Painting the trim usually requires a bit of skill, as it can be quite intricate, but the result is a relatively inexpensive way to make a room feel larger and more interesting.

Natural light is king

The easiest way to make a room feel open and airy, is to add natural light. While that might seem difficult if your room does not have many windows, there are a few tricks to increase the illusion of light throughout a room. For example, some paints have a natural shine or coating that reflects the rays of sunlight around a room. Additionally, a large mirror can also imitate the effects of a window, making a room feel brighter, and ultimately larger.

Furniture and accessories add texture

To make a space feel larger, select furniture in neutral shades that complements the colors of the walls. You also want to avoid clunky or oversized pieces, as this will make the room feel cluttered. Vertical shelving will also draw the eye upward, creating the illusion of space, as well as provide a storage solution. Hints of color from your accessories like plants, throw pillows, and blankets will also add texture which creates a sense of depth.

Ready to let color transform your space?

The Reflective Designer is here to help add new life to your space. Whether it’s a living room, or a bedroom, don’t let the square footage of the room make you feel confined. A simple color consultation with one of our expert designers will get you on track to making your room feel larger, brighter, and more energizing than ever before.

Get in touch with one of our Boston or Phoenix-based designers today. Your room will thank you!