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Key Features of Our Interior Designers
October 2, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by The Reflective Designer
Key Features of Our Interior Designers

Have you ever thought of employing some help from an interior designer but felt confused or challenged on where to start? Well, this is what most of our clients attest to. Be it a large-scale renovation or simple basic room decoration, making sound interior design decisions is daunting.

The thousands of colors, formulation, and brands make the selection of one or several aspects that will go well with your home, to become difficult. This is why consulting a reliable interior designer in everything, including color consultation, is a wise idea. That said, employing our services is a clear recipe for the following;

1. Realistic Expectations

We encourage our clients to have realistic or rather achievable expectations of our services. For sure, the current TV craze for interior design show has given some individuals unrealistic expectations of what's possible. Trendy TV shows pull off intriguing projects on tight deadlines with shoestring budgets that can never fly or happen in the real world.

The truth is, TV shows have a large team of laborers who work behind the scenes to ensure that the work is completed in record time. However, their salaries are included in the budget for the show, and the beneficial homeowners only cater for the cost of design materials. In contrast, realistic work requires the client to pay for the labor and material costs. Remember, hiring more people gets the job done faster, but increases the cost.

We agree that every design project is different. The best way to handle a project is by working on an anticipated budget and duration in consultation with professional interior designers. Feel free to reach out and consult with us to get a clear picture of what you expect.

2. Effective Communication

Good communication is the key to a successful interior design project. We understand that most new clients are skeptical and hesitant about giving their honest opinions because of the feeling that they are less knowledgeable to the designers.

Like any other service provider, we prefer working with decisive clients. Giving definite opinions makes our work easier and achievable. It also enables us to improve our services to suit your particular expectations. We always encourage our clients to ask for alterations where need be without hesitating.

3. Experience

Interior design is a competitive field purely won by professionals who provide nothing but the best designs. Customer satisfaction is based on the designer’s ability to meet the client’s demands by providing a creative approach to projects. If this is what you need for your next interior design project, we are definitely the experts you have been looking for.

Our interior designers bring forth more than a decade of interior design experience. This immense diversity is the source of creative and client-focused approach to interior designing. Experience is also crucial to making complex interior design decisions. We are resourcefully in a position to advice on the best materials, color choices, and other critical aspects when handling your interior design project.

4. Versatility

Interior design is quite a wide field. Some interior designers specialize in particular interior design concepts. This is what makes them masters in that specific field. However, it is important to find an all-around expert who can handle various design services. We provide excellent furnishings curated for modern style, beauty, and function.

Among the services in our fold, include;

• Space planning – this is central to good designing. Our designers leverage this to create impressive decorative expressions of your home.

• Color consultation – with extensive experience, we help clients discover various color elements that surpass their expectations.

• High-quality furniture selection – experience also comes in handy with this. We can help you make the best decision about your choice of furniture to match your interior design idea.

• Window treatments – windows are a big part of interior designing. From the window shades, shutters, blinds, to soft treatments, be sure of unmatched selection with our guidance.

Over To You

Designing a single room is undoubtedly overwhelming. However, hiring a reliable interior designer eliminates the stress, time, and money wastage that might occur when handling your interior design projects. Expect great working chemistry, creativity, and excellent communication by employing our interior design services.