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Draperies or not, which is a Better Choice for Your Home?
August 6, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by The Reflective Designer

Space planning basics include making the right decision about window treatments. Draperies can transform a room depending on the colors and styles chosen in a way which shades cannot. When making decisions about whether to opt for draperies, you should be aware of the different ways that they function and also the overall effect that they will bring to a room. 

What Is the Difference?

Shades and shutters have become a popular replacement in recent years for their clean and uncluttered look. Many people are still under the impression that fabric treatments such as draperies will be heavy and will block light from entering the home. 

With today’s designs and fabrics, a more informal look is easily achieved. Draperies are most often lined, sometimes for a light blocking solution but mostly to create structure and integrity to the draperies themselves. The exception to this would be sheer fabrics. In this instance the only lining exists in the header so soft folds or pleats can hold their shape and support the fabric from the drapery rod.

Often, the window can be layered with sheers at the window and stationary panels flanking on either side. The drapery rod is often extended beyond the width of the window in order to allow for maximum light and also to give the illusion of a larger window.

When Draperies Serve as the Better Option

Draperies are irreplaceable when it comes to adding softness, sound abatement, and textural interest to a room. They lend warmth in a way which a hard treatment like a shade or shutter will not. After all, the sense of touch and tactile complexity is a very important element in creating a human-friendly environment.

Draperies? Yes Please.

So the question remains, draperies or not? Choosing the two boils down to the specific purpose that you envision for your window treatments and the room as a whole. What kind of setting and tone do you envision for the room? What design purpose will the window treatments serve? Think about your space planning basics, where you will position other furniture and lighting, and what type of effect you want your window treatments to deliver.

Draperies have the capacity to form a colorful and vital part of your room’s design. If chosen wisely, they will complement and accentuate furnishings and design features already in place. 

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