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Decorating Lessons and Tips from the Reflective Designer 
July 2, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by The Reflective Designer

Everyone wants that gorgeous living room or space in their home that looks like the magazines. Perfect colors, patterns, and accessories. But this can quickly become expensive and time-consuming.

At the Reflective Designer, we want you to achieve that magazine worthy look without breaking your budget. We're going to give you several lessons and tips to help you pull it off flawlessly.

Use a Space Planning Tool

  • A space planning tool allows you to build a virtual mock-up of your rooms. You can incorporate your layout and furniture. Start moving things around and see how it impacts the flow and feel of your room. When you get your room like you want it, you can switch your room around to match it. This saves you a lot of time and effort.

Paint Smaller Rooms in Softer Colors

  • You can trick your mind into thinking a room is larger by painting it a lighter and softer color. If you have windows on one wall, put mirrors on the opposite wall. They'll work to reflect both the light and the view. This, along with the lighter colors, makes the room appear larger than it really is.

Hang Interesting Lighting Fixtures

  • Lighting and light fixtures can complete a room -- or they can make it seem disconnected. If you have a modern and chic look, pendant lights are excellent. They create a beautiful and eye-catching piece that draws your guest's eyes upward. They also flood the space with light, and this is important if you have darker colors and fabrics.

Create Contrast with White Woodwork

  • Whether you have dark flooring or bright and cheerful walls, white woodwork can create a sharp contrast. You'll also get a modern edge to your design that looks elegant and fresh. This trick works best with darker colors. But, rooms that don't have a lot of natural light also benefit from the eye-catching contrast.

Switch Your Flooring to Sleek Hardwood

  • Wall to wall carpeting was a huge trend, but it's giving way to sleek hardwood flooring. Not only is hardwood easier to care for, but it comes in several gorgeous colors. If you have light walls and a lot of natural light, a dark floor will pop. For darker walls and less natural light, lighter flooring can brighten up a room.

Bring in the Green Spaces

  • Not only do plants look beautiful, but they help to clean your indoor air. You can add a few large plants to fill in space and draw your guest's eyes around the room. They don't cost a lot to buy or maintain. This makes them great for decorating your home on a budget. You can also put smaller plants around.

Choose Colors that Pop

  • You can brighten up a room and add an eye-catching pop of color. This could be something like your curtains or throw pillows. Metallic shades are also in. Consider adding gold or bronze pieces to your decor for a timeless look.

If you'd like more design tips or lessons to brighten up your space, contact us today!