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Color consultations and beyond: choosing the right colors for your home
June 7, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by The Reflective Designer

When it comes to painting your house and adorning it with items that bring your theme to life, how do you choose the right colors? Striking color perfection often feels challenging, especially when there’s so much to choose from. At The Reflective Designer, we have years of experience in helping our clients create dream themes for their gorgeous homes. If you’re feeling a little stuck with your latest designs, we’re here to guide you through everything from color consultations to mastering the latest trends.

Consider the effect on your space

There’s no harm in embracing the fact that your home is your sanctuary. Therefore, when you engage in a color consultation, you need to consider the effect you want to have on your home.

For example, do you want your office to feel light and expansive? If so, lighter colors or chalkier shades of darker colors will work well. Or, you may have a theme in mind – such as Moroccan décor. When that’s the case, we’ll focus on the colors that act as an ideal backdrop for the remainder of your theme’s features. By considering the effect you want to have in advance, you’ll find it easier to work with us to find the right colors.

Focus your color choices on what you have

Unless you’re giving your property a complete makeover, focusing on the features you already have is an excellent way to lead your color consultations. For example, what type of furniture do you own? Are you particularly proud of your curtains and rugs? Or, perhaps there are a few ornaments you want to focus on?

When you work your color consultations around the features you already have, landing on something complementary becomes easier. This is also an excellent way to give the impression of having a complete makeover without replacing everything in your home.

Focus on how each room flows into the next

It isn’t unusual to want something different for each room. Although you may want to feel energized and uplifted upon entering your master bathroom, you’re probably seeking a sense of serenity in your bedroom. One of the biggest mistakes we encounter during the color consultation process is failing to allow colors to flow between rooms. Although the colors you choose may not rest directly next to each other, preventing them from flowing becomes jarring for all the wrong reasons.

As part of our color consultation, we help our clients find key colors and then focus on different shades for different rooms. As a result, it’s possible to achieve a sense of continuity and avoid making the results contrast too sharply.

Always carry out tests before making a commitment

Although we aim to exceed expectations with our color consultations, we always encourage our clients to try our suggestions out before making a full commitment. One of the main reasons for doing this is that you can’t truly know what a color will look like until the lighting in your home falls on it. Therefore, we’ll probably make several suggestions and provide you with swatches.

After trying a color out, observe how you feel about it for a few days. If you’re still happy with the results, there’s a strong chance that it’s the right color for you.

At The Reflective Designer, we like to make sure our color consultations are as thorough as possible. With 150 years of combined experience between us, we’re proud to serve the Phoenix and Scottsdale areas. If you’d like to arrange a color consultation, call us at 480-247-3367.