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Introducing the Reflective Designer
February 26, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by The Reflective Designer

Transforming your property into a home you’re proud to live in requires meticulous attention to detail and the insights of dedicated interior design experts. At the Reflective Designer, we have decades of experience in helping people bring their design ideas to life. Our dedication to transforming our clients’ properties began with one young man’s ambitions to create unique window dressings. Today, we deliver a first-class service to hundreds of customers across our respective service areas, producing awe-inspiring results every time.

An interior design team with 150 years of experience

All great interior design teams benefit from a multidisciplinary approach and the Reflective Designer is no different. Our journey began when our founder Joe Barnett began learning about creating window dressings as a part of his family’s trade at the tender age of 12. By the age of 16, he was enamored enough by his pursuits to adopt his own personal clientele. Each day he would instruct his highly-skilled team of stitchers to bring his window dressing designs to life.

After finding unparalleled satisfaction in dressing his clients’ windows, Joe began branching out into other areas of interior design. Today, he works with clients throughout two areas in two different states: Stow, Massachusetts and Scottsdale, Arizona. In order to achieve his success, he has developed a strong team of other interior design experts, who all bring their own unique talents and flair for style to the table. They have 150 years of interior design experience between them, making the Reflective Designer one of the most dependable teams you can commission to redecorate your home.

The Reflective Designer will bring your home to life

When you’re in the pursuit of changing the way your property looks, finding the perfect vision is the easy part. Bringing that vision to life often means discovering the right furniture stores and other such providers. When you’re approaching an area as personal as your home, it’s often difficult to envisage all the unique features you’ll need to make your dream a reality.

At the Reflective Designer, we’ve worked hard to create long-lasting relationships with manufacturers and suppliers throughout Stow, MA and Scottsdale, AZ. Today, we know who we can rely on and what they can bring to our clients’ properties. No matter what your interior design ideas are, we’re confident we can find the items you need to give your property the makeover you’ve always dreamed of.

Decorating homes throughout Stow and Scottsdale

Decorating properties and finding creative ways to exceed our clients' expectations is our passion. At the Reflective Designer, we’re always finding ways to make our endeavors more successful for our clients. As the “go to” experts for all aspects of interior design and furnishings throughout our service areas, we have drawn on the diverse skillset of our individual offices to produce enviably elegant results wherever we work.

If you believe the Reflective Designer is the right team for you, we invite you to visit our showroom to see what we could do for your property. We also have offices in both Stow, MA and Scottsdale, AZ, which we welcome you to visit in the event that you can’t reach our showroom. Making an appointment at one of our offices is also an excellent opportunity to discuss your design plans with us, and you can look at our portfolios to see examples of our work.

At the Reflective Designer, we hope to dress the homes of Stow, MA and Scottsdale, AZ for many years to come. If you would like to use our services to bring your property to life, call us at 978-897-7767 to speak to our Massachusetts team or call 480-247-3367 to speak to our Arizona staff.