4 Holiday Decorating Tips from Interior Designers

With Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s coming up, it’s time to start thinking about how you will be decorating your house for the holidays. Our interior designers have some useful tips on how to make your holiday decorating process a smooth experience and end up with beautiful results. Whether you live in a cozy condo or a spacious family house, there is always room to decorate your space and bring some holiday cheer into your home!

1. Choose a Theme

Your theme should be a reflection of your personality and your imagination. It will include the colors, style of decorations, and overall ambiance of your holiday decor. Take the time to decide your theme before you start planning and shopping for decorations. Working with an interior designer can make everything come together if you’re not sure where to start and want a perfectly executed vision.

Which Color Scheme?

A great idea is to work with colors that already exist within your space. Take a look around your home and notice the predominant color, then choose complementary colors for your decor. Your color scheme inspiration can come from anywhere! A cherished childhood memory, a beautiful piece of fabric or nature. Wherever you find inspiration is where you should be looking for your holiday color scheme.

Types of Themes

There are so many themes out there, it can be hard to choose one. Some popular themes include:

Rustic - a nature-inspired theme that takes elements from the great outdoors.

Modern - elegant and muted color combinations such as navy and silver for a chic look.

Classic - red and white decorations with some sparkles and greenery as well.

Beach - if you live in a warmer climate, starfish, seashells, and palm trees could be part of your theme.

2. Delight the Senses

The holidays are all about delighting the senses. The most obvious ones are our visual senses, which are titillated through the decor, and our sense of taste, which are satisfied through the holiday meal we partake in. But there are also your senses of smell and touch to entice. Something as simple as a scented candle that matches your theme and a blanket or throw pillow that’s pleasing to the touch can create a complete holiday feel in your home.

3. The Table Setting

The holiday meal is part of any holiday, whether it’s a sit-down affair or a serve-yourself finger food set-up. The dishes, glasses, and decorations on the table will create a holiday mood. There may not be a need to buy a whole new dish set - working with what you already have and adding a holiday touch with napkins, candles, and some artfully placed table arrangements may do the trick.

4. Don’t Forget the Details

While large items like trees and fireplace mangles often get more attention and focus, what brings holiday decor together is the smaller details. Think garlands, lighting, shelf decorations, throw pillows, and wreaths.

Why Work with an Interior Designer?

At The Reflective Designer, we have been creating and helping customers with their holiday decor for decades. We always strive to work with your vision while offering our expert advice to make your holiday decor dream come true. Our relationships with suppliers and vendors mean we can often source unique and hard-to-find decorations you wouldn’t find in a store. Holiday decorating doesn’t have to be stressful - work with us to achieve your vision.