4 Essential Furniture Selection Tips

Furniture is a critical component of the aesthetics and functionality of a home. Without this element, we would have no place to sit down, and no table to use at mealtimes or for enjoying our coffee. There would be no room for storage, either. Without furniture, all you have is empty space.

When choosing the best furniture that complements your home interior and serves its purpose at the same time, one cannot be too careful. After all, furniture purchases usually entail a substantial investment, so effort, patience and careful thought must be put into the process of buying. 

To help you choose well and wisely, below are some of the most essential furniture selection tips from the team here at The Reflective Designer:

Consider the available space

Whether you’re furnishing your living, dining, kitchen areas or bedrooms, space is a primary consideration. You need to make sure that the furniture you are intent on acquiring will fit nicely into the space allocated for it. This not only refers to the area of the room but also to the ceiling height plus some tolerance and circulation space.

Assess the architectural style

Choosing the right furnishings (this includes furniture) is not just about what you want for your space but also takes into account the existing architecture of your house. If not, you may end up buying the most expensive or on-trend furniture, only to find that it seems out of place or does not fit well into the overall look and feel of your home. Aside from the architectural aspect, you also need to consider other elements of design including color, texture, proportion, and material. If you have a theme in mind for your home, this is another consideration you’ll need to make.

Make a list of items you really need

In the living room, for example, aside from the basic pieces, i.e. sofa, armchairs, regular chairs and tables, consider what activities you will be doing in this section of your home. Will you be doing a lot of entertaining, lounging, and watching films here? Do you have a big or small family? Are there toddlers or elderly relatives who’ll be living with you? Do you have pets? Do you need storage? All of these questions (and more) should be answered on the outset so you can embark on a purposeful furniture hunt afterward. Moreover, you need to ensure that aside from being pleasant or attractive, the furniture you choose should also serve its purpose and be, ideally, long-wearing.

Set a budget

Remember that furniture is an investment, so you need to have a set, reasonable budget that’ll allow you to acquire the pieces you need without going over the top. Be mindful of the material used, workmanship and finish, and comfort. Ensure that you find joy in your acquisitions by factoring in your aesthetic sensibilities or style preferences without sacrificing functionality and quality.

Outdoor furniture

If you have a deck, porch or garden that you want to furnish, there are some considerations you also need to make before going shopping:

  • Activities you will be using it for
  • Style and setting
  • Climate and weather
  • Size, material, and durability
  • Quality, workmanship, and comfort
  • Lighting

Shopping for furniture can be a fun and exciting venture, especially after considering these furniture selection tips. However, for the best advice, nothing compares to getting professional input.

If you need help with furnishing your home, professional advice, or any type of interior design ideas, please reach out to us at The Reflective Designer.

We’re always ready to make your vision a reality.