4 Color Consulting Tips to Help You Transform Your Boston Metro West Home with Color

The right colors can bring out your personal style, draw the eye to important features, and set the mood. That’s why it’s so important to know what you want from the colors in your home – how do you want color to impact your lifestyle?

At The Reflective Designer, color consulting is at the core of our work. Whether you want to create a flow from one room to the next or you are interested in creating a certain feel in your home, color choices make a huge difference. To help you in your interior design adventures, we’ve put together our top color consulting tips. This way, you can take an expert approach to everything from choosing your paint colors to deciding which furnishings will look amazing in your home.

Never Choose a Paint Color Without Trying It in Your Home

When we offer color consulting for our clients in Boston Metro West who are painting their interior, we always recommend ordering samples and trying them out before making a final decision.

Here’s the thing, the colors we perceive will shift depending on the lighting and the colors in the surrounding environment. So, in order to truly grasp what a shade of pink, green, or blue will look like, it’s always wise to try a sample. Paint a small area to see what it looks like in both natural and artificial light. Then, take your time – wait a couple of days. If you’re still in love with the color, then it may be the perfect paint for your space.

Use White for Small Spaces

For smaller bedrooms, compact apartments, or rooms with low ceilings, those beautiful, bright whites are always a great option. White makes a space feel more open, which will make you feel more comfortable. Darker colors can make a small space feel cramped.

So, our second expert color tip is to stick with white, no matter how gorgeous you think that crimson glossy paint looks! Then decorate with lots of bright green house plants, plenty of lighting, furniture that’s either made from natural materials or neutral colors, and you’ll be able to create a serene, spacious-feeling abode. And then the fun begins – add your brightly colored accent pieces, even some crimson and gold throw pillows if you want. Hang up some art, and do whatever else you’d like to personalize the space with color.

Keep Your Trim Color Consistent Throughout Your Home

One way to create a sense of flow, even if you have different color schemes from room to room, is to use a single trim color. When the trim is the same in every room, you’ll still get that desired visual connection throughout. You can opt for a lovely white color, which will look fantastic if your wall colors are bright and colorful. Or, you can use a darker color for the trim if your walls are neutral throughout the house.

Have Fun with Color

There are lots of little tips you can follow to enhance your home with color, but the bottom line is, color is a very personal thing. If you love plum and wine colors, use them! If you want neutrals everywhere, go for it!

If you know what colors you like but have no idea how to make them bring out the best of your interior design, we’re always a phone call away. We offer color consulting in Boston Metro West along with other design services, including furniture selection and space planning. Reach out today to learn more.